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Todd Morgan and the Emblems

Todd Wins Silo's Idol Contest on May 24th 2014!

Watch this video of Todd's performance at Silo's. Todd's band has a show coming up at Silo's on Thursday, Aug. 14th with Tori Anna (contestant on 2013 American Idol) and Melina Diaz. Both women were also past Silo's Idol winners.

All American Horror musicMovie Features Todd Morgan & the Emblems songs.

All American Movie
trailer features Todd's song "I Wanna Love You Right". The movie itself contains all nine(9) of his original songs on the "Self-titled" album. The film company is Upperline Entertainment, Upperline Film, and the producers are Murray Roth and Wayne Morgan. Watch the trailer on our video page (click here) and play second video.


Thank you for your help and donations to our crowd funding campaign at Indiegogo, we met our goal!  Our music video for "Crazy Cryin' Blues"  was successfully filmed and is now in the editing process.

Watch for a YouTube realease date coming here soon!

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Todd Morgan and the Emblems are undoubtedly one of the most exciting local bands in the Sacramento area.  Since 2007, they’ve been delighting audiences with their sound and performance style.  The band is led by Singer/Songwriter/Pianist Todd Morgan.  Todd’s original music takes elements from every faction and every era of American music from 1920’s/30’s Jazz, to 50's/60's Rock 'n' Roll, to present-day Pop and Rock, and everything in between, creating a familiar, yet fresh and modern sound.  Their emphasis is not only on the music and lyrics, but also on visual performance.

The band consists of four musicians, and contains two soloists: Todd Morgan on Piano/Vocals and Jerad Williams on electric lead guitar.  Together, the band gives their audience a show to remember.  Todd performs not only as an instrumentalist, but also an exciting singer and dancer for the band.  With Todd’s distinct, exciting and informed vocal and performance style, Jerad’s energetic solos, and Jessica and Cameron’s backing, the band is one of the hottest bands in the Sacramento area.

Their newest album, "Reality", released in June of 2012 under just the name Todd Morgan, takes on a new direction musically from their self-titled album, having a much more modern approach and sound this time around, as opposed to the heavily 50’s sound of their first release.  Also available is their EP, "Dance With Me", which contains 4 tracks from the 11 track "Reality" album.

Introducing our new LP "Reality"
Reality album

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